Getting to know Kiran Alyshah, QA Specialist

As #TeamInivata continues to grow, we spoke to Kiran, our new QA Specialist in the Global Operations Department, about her journey into science and why she decided to join the company.

  1. Tell us about your work experience prior to joining Inivata.

Before joining Inivata, I worked at GSK as a Quality/Compliance Specialist within the Phase I clinical trials unit where I supported GCP, GLP and GMP procedures and processes to ensure the unit was fully compliant. Before that, I spent many years working for the NHS in various capacities, including as a Senior Business Support Officer in the Clinical Commissioning Group for Cambridgeshire.

    2. What has been the biggest achievement and biggest challenge of your career so far?

    The biggest achievement for me has been navigating my career to the point where I am now. Through my past experiences, I have realized that working in QA is the area that I would like to pursue. The biggest challenge for me has been working full time and looking after two young kids.

    3. There are a number of companies operating within the biotechnology industry globally. What made you want to join Inivata?

    I only recently learned about Inivata but strongly believe in the value its technology brings to cancer patients in the era of personalized medicine.  Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to interact with many cancer patients and have heard about their journey and the toll the disease takes on their lives. It is  also particularly meaningful as I have lost close family members to cancer. I have found the people at Inivata to be very passionate about their work, and I am able to have an open and honest conversation with them about my career progression.

    4. It has been a challenging time navigating the pandemic. Are there any key learnings or reflections that you can share with us?

    As I’m sure it was for many, it was tough juggling family and professional life.  COVID made me reflect on how resilient and adaptable and it taught me to be prepared for anything.

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