Inivata Offers Mobile Phlebotomy Services for patients undergoing InVisionFirst® Lung ctDNA liquid biopsy

Research Triangle Park, NC, USA May 11, 2020 – Inivata ( a leader in liquid biopsy, announces that it has contracted with US local, regional and national mobile phlebotomy services to provide mobile blood draw services for patients whose physicians have ordered InVisionFirst®-Lung Liquid Biopsy Test for their patients with advanced NSCLC. 

Physicians may indicate the need for mobile phlebotomy through Inivata’s secure Clinician Portal; once the patient’s order is received, Inivata will work with the local, regional or national mobile phlebotomy provider to contact the patient and schedule a blood draw appointment at the patient’s preferred location.  Once the patient’s blood sample is drawn, the mobile phlebotomist ships the specimen to Inivata’s CAP/CLIA certified laboratory in Research Triangle Park NC within our proprietary kit. 

InVisionFirst® Lung, a ctDNA liquid biopsy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), requires two (2) tubes of patient blood in order to sequence a patient’s genomic material and report on its molecular insights.  When reported, these insights then guide physician targeted therapy selection for their patients. 

Stacy Chick, Chief Commercial Officer at Inivata, commented: Inivata is pleased to offer at no charge for patients mobile phlebotomy services when their physicians have ordered InVisionFirst® Lung for their advanced lung cancer care.  We hope that these services help patient lung cancer care continue during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and that patients, healthcare providers and staff will make use of this service.”

InVisionFirst®-Lung is a 37 gene liquid biopsy test offering best-in-class sensitivity, 97.8% concordance with tissue and 7 day turnaround from blood draw, providing molecular insights that enable clinicians to make more informed treatment decisions for advanced NSCLC patients.  InVisionFirst® Lung is also covered for Medicare patients and several private payers with advanced (Stage IIIB/IV) NSCLC who meet specific clinical criteria in the US.



About Inivata

Inivata is a leader in liquid biopsy. Its InVision® platform unlocks essential genomic information from a simple blood draw to guide and personalize cancer treatment, monitor response and detect relapse. Inivata’s technology is based on pioneering research from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge. Its lead product, InVisionFirst®-Lung is commercially available and offers best-in-class sensitivity and turnaround, providing molecular insights that enable clinicians to make more informed treatment decisions for advanced NSCLC patients. Inivata has also launched the personalized RaDaR™ assay – allowing the highly sensitive detection of residual disease and recurrence. Inivata is partnering with pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and commercial partners in a range of early and late stage cancer development programs. The Company has a CLIA certified, CAP accredited laboratory in Research Triangle Park, NC and R&D laboratories in Cambridge, UK. For more information, please go to Follow us on Twitter @Inivata.


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