InVision® Access Program

Advocating for patients with advanced NSCLC

For people living with advanced stage (stage IIIB/C or IV) non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Advocating for Patients

Inivata is committed to patient advocacy, and offers a supportive InVision® Access Program under which it contacts third-party payers and confirms coverage and out-of-pocket cost information for the patient to facilitate patient decision-making. Depending upon the results of the benefits verification process (among other eligibility factors), patients may be eligible for a reduction in their out-of-pocket costs.

  • You are eligible for benefits verification services regardless of your insurance, and you may be eligible for reduced patient cost sharing depending upon your income and insurance
  • We work directly with your physician if prior authorization is required
  • We work directly with your insurance to:

o Confirm your coverage status and applicable cost-sharing (as may be applicable)
o File the claim and perform any necessary follow-up, including appeals as permitted by your insurance

  • There is no upfront patient payment required; but patient may be required to complete an ABN (Advance Beneficiary Notice) or other similar form (as required by patient’s payer)
  • Please note: Financial assistance may be available for those who are based in the United States and qualify

Changing Lives

Patients are at the heart of everything we do.

Our first product is for advanced Non-Small Cell lung Cancer and our world-leading tests are already impacting patients’ lives. 

This is the story of the first patient Inivata tested.

How it works

  • We contact your insurance company to predetermine your coverage and copay
  • If your potential out-of-pocket cost exceeds $100, we will contact you by phone
  • We help you understand your potential out-of-pocket cost before the test is run, and will not charge a higher out-of-pocket amount than the amount we quote to you based upon our verification of benefits with your payer
  • You may pre-qualify for patient assistance simply by providing some basic financial information and depending upon your financial resources


For insurance, financial aid, or other questions about the InVisionFirst®-Lung test:


please call

Finding the Right Treatment for You

What is InVisionFirst®-Lung?

It is a blood test that looks at specific genes from your tumor, to help you and your doctor identify potential treatment options for certain patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

This genomic test evaluates the tumor DNA in your blood to help your doctor identify whether you have any gene alterations that may be susceptible to a targeted therapy. This test is focused on 36 specific genes that are proven to be:

•  Cited in NCCN Guidelines
•  Linked to FDA-approved therapies, or
•  Linked to potential clinical trials

Is InVisionFirst®-Lung Right for Me?

You should talk to your doctor if you have advanced NSCLC that is difficult to biopsy or if you had a tissue biopsy and there wasn’t enough tumor tissue for molecular testing.

genomic test evaluates the tumor DNA in your blood
Tumor DNA testing using "next generation sequencing"

How is InVisionFirst®-Lung Performed?

The test identifies changes in your tumor’s DNA using an advanced laboratory technique called ‘next generation sequencing’.

1. Your blood sample is collected by your physician
2. Your blood is sent to Inivata’s laboratory for testing
3. Your doctor receives report within 1 week
4. You and your doctor discuss results and potential treatment options for you

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