Sarah Perrey DeGeare in our Lab Operations team talks about what it’s like to be part of #TeamInivata

I was attracted to the Science and Chemistry

After completing my BSc in Biology I began working in the biotechnology industry right away. I was attracted to the science and chemistry that went into everyday work. After two years at a huge company where I felt I wasn’t making much of an impact I stumbled upon Inivata during my job search.

A family culture

Accepting the position was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only do I work with an amazing team that challenges and supports me, the company has come to feel like family to me. I look forward each and every day coming into work and knowing I’m making an impact in patients and their family’s lives feels extremely rewarding. The best part of working for Inivata is having the opportunity to be a part of all the new developments we are constantly making.

Endless Opportunities

Each day is something new and exciting, there is always an opportunity to learn and build new skills. I recommend to anyone that is looking for a new opportunity to find a company that will continue to push you to do your best, similar to what I have found in Inivata.

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