How Residual Disease and Recurrence (RDR) Testing using Liquid Biopsy is Changing Clinical Trial Design

A new generation of liquid biopsy assays use personalized approaches and multiple patient specific markers to significantly increase test sensitivity. In this webinar Dr. Nitzan Rosenfeld will review some of the ways that these approaches using liquid biopsy are expanding options for patient selection and early read out. The webinar will discuss the importance of sensitivity and why the number of markers is critical. Examples of the evolution of this approach and application of personalized assays to recent clinical studies will be discussed.

About the presenter

Nitzan Rosenfeld PhD is a world-leader in circulating tumor DNA research and since 2009 leads a research group at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, part of the University of Cambridge, he is also co-founder and CSO of Inivata. His work combines new molecular and genomics approaches to develop new diagnostic tools and applications. Previously he was head of Computational Biology at Rosetta Genomics, where he led development of molecular diagnostic tests for cancer. Nitzan has authored multiple patents and research articles on methods for molecular diagnostics and cell-free DNA analysis and has been awarded the CRUK Future Leaders in Cancer Research prize, the British Association for Cancer Research Translational Research Award, the Academy of Medical Sciences Foulkes Medal and most recently he received the 2020 Cancer Researcher Award from the European Association for Cancer Research and Pezcoller Foundation.

Nitzan Rosenfeld PhD is a world-leader in circulating tumor DNA
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